My name is Mark Nelson. I own Service Pros Plumbing & Heating, and I love my job. Having worked in the plumbing trade since 1984, I’ve had the opportunity to work in every aspect of the plumbing industry, from commercial construction management to cleaning drains. After 31 years, I’ve recognized that the thing I love most about my job is solving my customer’s problems and providing them with the best customer care and professional service possible.

Hence our name: Service Pros.
Our customers are priority number one to us at Service Pros. And if you ever feel differently, I want to hear about it. I want to fix it. My goal is to provide you with customer care that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Mark Nelson, Owner
Service Pros Plumbing and Heating, LLC


  • Our Customers Love their Experience

  • We have clean professional technicians that work with pride

  • Our Customer Service Experience is seamless and easy

  • Our Technicians work with confidence & joy

  • We give our Customers confidence in their home